Matyas Veer is a bass trombone teacher at the Würzburg Music University. Matyas is not only a great musician, but also a dedicated and enthusiastic pedagogue, who always wants to bring out the best in his students.
He currently has five students. He considers learning the proper blowing technique, as it is the basis of good trombone playing. During teaching, he always emphasizes the beautiful sound, the musicality, the proper breathing, the optimal use of our energy and the importance of good rhythm. He teaches these skills not only in theory, but also in practice to his students, who thus improve and become more confident in their playing.
He has a lot of experience in orchestral playing and performing solo pieces. He himself regularly appears at various concerts, festivals and competitions, where he always impresses the audience with his virtuoso and expressive playing. He also prepares his students for concerts, and helps them choose their repertoire, plan their practice and increase their stage confidence.

He also works with people who have special problems, such as ingrained blowing errors or focal dystonia.
He teaches them special exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, which can improve their blowing and mood.

If you also want to learn from him, or just get to know him better, contact him.

The success of the students:

2018 Junfei Yu, NCPA Symhony Orchestra Bejiing, permament job
2021 Frederick Cawte, PamusFlow Online Competition 2nd Prize
2022 Kazuki Maruta, Gifu Symphony Orchestra, permament job 
2022-2023 Frederick Cawte, Tampere Symhony Orchestra, temporary contract
2023 Jan Hormann, Staatsorchester Stuttgart, solotrombone contract